An open source membership, access and payments portal.

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MemberMatters is an open source membership and access management solution.


The official place for updates on the MemberMatters software is on the HSBNE Inc. forum. You can access the specific thread here. You will also find a changelog under each release here on GitHub.


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Getting started using MemberMatters

See the getting started instructions for how to run the MemberMatters software for your organisation.

Getting started (developers)

Development tip (dev server proxy)

The Vue.js (Quasar) frontend and Django backend run different dev servers on different ports. Due to this you will run into issues with sharing cookies etc across the different URIs. To get around this, the webpack dev server has been setup to proxy all requests to /api to localhost:8000 so you’ll need to make sure the django dev server is running there.

Vue.js JavaScript frontend

Please see the readme file inside the frontend folder. This folder contains all of the source code and other assets needed by the frontend.

Django Python backend

Please see the readme file inside the memberportal folder. This folder contains all of the source code and other assets needed by the backend.




Desktop (Dark Mode)

See the screenshots folder for more screenshots.

Contributing guidelines

By contributing any code, asset or any other resource to this repository to you agree to license it under the license in use by the project (currently MIT). Please use good coding practices, comment your code well and ensure compliance with any code formatting or linting that’s in place. Also avoid “weird tricks” and optimisations that don’t read easily - this is a web app not a high performance algorithm. Your contributions will be rejected if you do not follow these guidelines so please be careful.

Organisations using MemberMatters

Feel free to add your organisation to this list (via a pull request) if you’re actively using MemberMatters and are a not for profit or similar. Make sure to include a link to your website and the date you added it.